Young Academics get boost for life with nutrition expert

CHILDREN attending Young Academics Early Learning Centres in Guildford and Merrylands, will find it easier to form healthy eating habits following the announcement of a partnership with a qualified dietician.

Guildford Centre Manager Natalie Bainou.

Michelle Theodosi will provide her nutritional expertise and insights into the best possible fuel for the growth and development.
Young Academics chose to partner with Michelle from The Lifestyle Dietitian, to help the children under their care reach their full potential through the provision of good nutrition, positive mealtime experiences and educating their families on how to build happy, healthy eaters.
Michelle will be working with Young Academics educators and in-house cooks, developing healthy meals and snacks for the children attending YA centres across Sydney, and running workshops and cooking classes for families and children to make healthy eating as fun and fuss-free as possible.
“When it comes to children under 12, more than 80 per cent aren’t meeting the current guidelines for vegetable intake,” she said.
“By creating a routine, introducing a wide range of foods, and getting children to eat in a social setting, the early education environment helps model good eating behaviour from an early age.”
Young Academics Guildford Centre Manager Natalie Bainou said the move would benefit families beyond the classroom.
“Our in-house cooks are as delighted as our families to have Michelle involved with Young Academics. It’s a great opportunity for them to experiment and learn how to prepare new meals, as well as how to customise meals to suit any allergies or cultural preferences among the children in each location.”