World award winning puppeteers’ bid to stream programs but need support

BEATING hundreds of performances from over 30 countries around the world, Canterbury Bankstown Horizon Theatre Company had been scoring many accolades over the last three years in Russia and Borneo and was this year set to showcase their puppetry talents in Italy and Poland before festivals were postponed over Covid-19.

After receiving a council grant of $2,000, the group has now switched their focus to fundraising for mobile multi camera video casting equipment so they can stream performances and workshops to benefit local performers and children.
Needing to raise a further $8,000, Horizon’s founder and artistic director Maddy Slabacu established the group in 1997 to develop a world-class puppetry repertory theatre for young people in the Canterbury-Bankstown region and beyond.
“We’ve been able to present a high level of acting and puppetry in our performances, because we’ve been supported by Canterbury Bankstown communities, Canterbury Bankstown Council and Canterbury Clubs,” Ms Slabacu said.
“For instance, most of the puppets, props and costumes for our shows are created with the assistance of disadvantaged young people through programs supported by local clubs.
“Puppetry is the ideal way to communicate with people with disabilities or with any children; the puppet becomes the child’s best friend and they are then able to talk about anything that’s why streaming our workshops is so vital.
“We had immense success with our ‘Let’s Quit this Bull” workshop on bullying for young people, among other workshops, and are keen to do more of the same but need a streaming facility.”
With all donations over $2 tax deductible, if you can donate funds or equipment, email horizonall@ozemail.com.au.