Work together to ensure learning best it can be

REGENTS Park Public School School Captain Aurora Beaumont and Principal Elizabeth Rump are not afraid to say that their school “learns together”.

“You may think you know the truth about our school. But that’s only part of our story,” Aurora said.
“The truth is that Regents Park Public isn’t just a school. The truth is that the students, teachers and our school community work as one.
“We are a community of learners – learning and growing together.”
She says idea sharing “is a part of our learning” and is in “every classroom, every day”.
Describing Education Week as “a week where we stop and reflect on our learning and celebrate and share our journey with others”, Mrs Rump said they collaborated “in every aspect of our learning, either at home or at school”.
“‘Learning Together’ is a theme that keeps us thinking, reflecting, searching and understanding about who we are and what we do here,” she said.
“Our students have opportunities to work collaboratively such as completing group projects that require teamwork to ensure a positive outcome that often exceeds expectations.
“We improve and grow as a school community. We are united as learners – inter-level, inter-class, even inter-school.
“We develop our skills, share our knowledge and present our ideas to work together to ensure our learning is the best it can be.”

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