Vaccination, wearing masks our biggest weapons

HOUSEHOLDS and workplaces are continuing to be the biggest concern for Covid-19 transmission, with Premier Gladys Berejiklian pleading with residents to stay home unless it’s absolutely necessary, wear masks outside and get vaccinated.

“Please do not leave your home unless you absolutely have to, please do not have contact with any other household, and get vaccinated,” she said.
“Our biggest weapon against the virus is vaccination.
“The quicker we get vaccinated the quicker we can live more freely.”
There are also concerns that too many people are not sticking to the rules, with many congregating at several parks over the weekend.
Calling it shocking and irresponsible, one resident said she saw large groups of people were ‘gathering’ near Lake Gillawarna on the weekend with not a mask in sight.
“It was the same at Deverall Park on Monday afternoon about 5pm when I was driving home from work,” she said.
“There were people everywhere, which is fine if they were out for exercise, but there was barely a mask in sight.
“There are no excuses.”
Bankstown Police Area Commander, Superintendent Adam Johnson, said people were for the most part, doing the right thing, “however we need to all get it right at all times with regards to the current rules which includes mask wearing and the need to socially distance”.
“That way we will be back to normal sooner rather than later,” he said.