‘Wizard World’ adds to festive magic

ADDING a touch of Christmas magic, Recreation Sports and Aquatics Club (RSAC) has created an original, thought provoking and powerful show, ‘Wizard World’, which will challenge audience preconceptions of people with disability.

Two years in the making, the show will bring together over 34 performers from four RSAC programs – Drama Company, Drama Class, Hip Hop and Dance, at Bankstown Sports this Saturday, December 7, from 5.30pm.
As a leading edge ensemble, this group of individuals are leading the way in addressing inequality, social exclusion and lack of meaningful employment opportunities for people with disability and the right to lead a full and vibrant life free from prejudice and harm.
“We want everyone to see us as we are and we want to be treated equally,” said David Sparsis, actor, brother, uncle and RSAC member.
“We have talents and abilities just like everyone else.”
RSAC is a Bankstown based charity organisation providing a range of activities for people with disability throughout the south/south-west Sydney region.
Recent OAM recipient and EO of RSAC, Jenny Bombardieri, said: “Our Ensemble is a dedicated group of professional artists who break all stereotypes.”
Under the direction of their artistic director, Annerose de Jong, from Imagination Theatre, they have created 90 minutes filled with intrigue, magic and laughter that will surprise and wow audiences of all ages.
Wizard World is under threat and three mortals are invited to venture into the unknown to save the Wizard Queen. Along the way they meet many wizards, some helpful and some not. One wizard will guide them but will the mortals survive all the challenges and get to the Wizard Queen before the curse takes over and stops all the magic?
Tickets are on sale online via Eventbrite, or call 9790 5001.