Wins for ‘saving’ daughter

HE has helped many people in different situations but never was Punchbowl’s Moeen Goolam more grateful for his St John Ambulance skills than when his daughter began to choke while eating dinner at a restaurant in July last year.

Springing into action, Moeen began the ‘five back blows’ and ‘five chest thrusts’ on his daughter Moeena, 19, while his other daughter Rumaysa, 22, who also has St John Ambulance training under her belt, kept reassuring her sister and kept patrons and staff calm through the frightening ordeal.
“My daughter recovered well but I’m sure the outcome would have been very different without our training,” he said.
“It’s a great testament not only to St John Ambulance but also to Bankstown division leaders Harold and Rhonda Greenaway.
“Everyone should at least learn first aid skills because you never know when you might need them.”
Father and daughter (pictured from left) were included in the line up of 10 Bankstown volunteers receiving awards earlier this month, with Moeen receiving a ‘Save A Life’ Award and Rumaysa receiving a ‘Save A Life’ citation.
Other award winners were: Frank Vella (3rd Silver Bar for 31 years’ service); Harold Greenaway (3rd Silver Bar for 28 years’ service); Jarren Kay (1st Silver Bar for 17 years’ service); Gregory Ford (3rd Silver Bar for 27 years’ service); Ann Foley (Medal for 13 years’ service); and Robert Reid (3rd Silver Bar for 27 years’ service).
Retiring in December 2019, Roland Stewart received a 5th Gilt Bar for 43 years’ service and Peter Murphy received a 3rd Gilt Bar for 38 years’ service.
St John Ambulance Bankstown division meets at Revesby Community Hall every Tuesday, 7.30-9.30pm, and will resume after Christmas on Tuesday, February 2.