Vote for best ‘Art from Trash’ entry

AN office worker from yesteryear, a jacket made entirely from scraps, collages exploring mythology and intriguing copper sculptures are works from Inner West artists up for a People’s Choice win in the 2020 Art from Trash Exhibition.

A Bower Reuse & Repair Centre initiative and in its second year, Art from Trash is exhibiting over 70 artworks from more than 30 artists.
Bower CEO Guido Verbist says approaching art with reuse in mind, prevents materials from being sent to landfill.
“We want artists to visit The Bower – or any Reuse Centre – when they’re conceptualising new artistic projects,” he said.
“Inspiration can be found from looking to the past.”
‘Back in My Day’ artist, Marrickville’s Grace Lech said: “I want us all to try and think about what the older generations experienced in their lifetimes and apply some of those values to our own lives.”
See all the entries, with many available for sale, at Voting is also open for the People’s Choice Award to be announced on October 25.