Volunteers urged to assist Legacy

FOR almost 100 years, Legacy has supported the families of veterans, but the charity’s work is only achievable thanks to its dedicated volunteers called Legatees.

Historically, Legatees were returned servicemen but now Legacy welcomes members from all walks of life – and Bankstown South West Legacy is appealing for people to join its “small but dedicated team”.
With only 16 Legatees, Bankstown South West is hoping to bolster its ranks and is welcoming enquiries.
Its chairman Alan Rawlinson says it’s a very humbling way to give back to your local community.
“For almost 100 years, Legacy has supported the families of veterans and today, that support is needed more than ever before, with ADF members deploying more consistently than ever before,” he said.
“They are there for families through advising, guiding and supporting them in what they are going through. Many families have lost a loved one, and others have the veteran living at home with mental health complexities.”
Mr Rawlinson said as a Legatee, you have a very important job to take care of the loved ones of those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our country.
There are 2,700 Legatees throughout Australia, some having served for over 50 years.
If you would like to dedicate some time to helping the families of those who have dedicated their lives or health to serving the country, contact Alan on

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