Volunteer driver a ‘Wings angel’

Jeff Palmer is somewhat of a legend in the Little Wings organisation.

A VOLUNTEER driver of over 300 journeys for charity Little Wings, Bankstown’s Jeff Palmer has received recognition for his incredible efforts during National Volunteer Week (May 18-24).
“Jeff is somewhat of a legend in the Little Wings organisation, as a volunteer driver he has completed 13 per cent of our entire missions across our nine-year existence, though he has only been part of us for four and a half years,” a spokesperson said.
“On top of this, he attends nearly all our events across NSW, whether it is an air show down south or a charity event in the country. He is always there to lend a hand, and support our organisation with his time and passion.”
Jeff takes his job very seriously, he isn’t just a driver to these families, he researches their conditions prior to pick up to understand their problems, as well as their interests, to make the journey more comfortable and enjoyable.
“Families consider him a genuine friend and Jeff in turn is left inspired by their stories of recovery which fuel him to continue to support the cause,” the spokesperson said.
Jeff says he is a great believer in lifelong learning and learns from every family he encounters.
“Many of the children are the same age as my grandchildren and I find it hard to imagine how my family would cope if they had to face what many Little Wings families face,” he said.
“I get most enjoyment from seeing the children overcome their illness.
“One of the nicest things I can say to a child is ‘I don’t want to see you again’, they know exactly what I mean and it always brings a smile to their face.”

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