‘Visitor’ volunteers needed

ARE you interested in giving back to your community? Do you have a couple of hours a week to provide friendly social visits to people over 65?

Enjoy it as much as elderly clients

At the Canterbury City Community Centre, volunteers are recruited to visit older people in their home to enjoy a cuppa and a chat, play board games or cards, go out together to run errands, do some light shopping, visit a gallery or see a movie.
These visits happen weekly, fortnightly or monthly, for a couple of hours each time depending on what the client needs.
Here’s what two clients and their volunteers had to say.
Vi, 94, who lives alone said: “Every Friday there is something to look forward to. When my sons phone me, I have something to tell them. It has made all the difference to me, and my family is most appreciative; they have noticed a big difference in me since I started receiving the visits three years ago.
Ces, 86, who lives with his wife said: “I was surprised by our common interests. I Look forward to visits and the program allows my wife to go shopping without worrying if she gets delayed because our volunteer doesn’t have to rush off.”
Volunteer Mim who is in her 50s and still working, said: “I have been constantly surprised by the resourcefulness and resilience of the elderly living in their own homes. Their strength of character is an inspiration to me.”
Con, 70 and retired, said: “I am surprised at how much I am enjoying the time and the company.
“I find it very interesting, learning about the clients’ backgrounds and history and really enjoy our conversations.”
If you have an hour or two to spare and enjoy meeting new people, call 9750 9344 to find out more about our volunteering opportunities.