Upset in den when ‘a lion returns’

AFTER disappearing for 18 months fighting in Syria, Jamal is back in Australia and wants to see his terminally ill mother.

However, he has to deal with his strong-minded brother Omar, then his wife Heidi and their young son whom he left behind but most importantly, his unforgiving father. Award-winning filmmaker Serhat Caradee’s new film ‘A Lion Returns’ releases at Bankstown Hoyts from November 5 and stars Bankstown resident and former Condell Park High School student Buddy Dannoun.
It’s a story about redemption, forgiveness and the consequences of your actions on those you leave behind.
The closing scenes reveal why Jamal has really come back – is this a plan of his own or is he an easily led and confused pawn in a bigger global picture?
Caradee says the experience has affected Jamal emotionally and he now has to come to terms with the fallout of his actions.
“As I researched the causes, I came to realise that the majority of them were angry at what they were seeing happening in the Middle East, seeing Arab countries being bombed and fellow Muslims dying,” he said.
Caradee said it was important for him to reveal the reaction and attitude of an Arab Muslim family to Jihadi activities.
“I wanted to show both sides of the argument,” he said.
Buddy, who has appeared in ‘Help’ and ‘Cedar Boys’ and plays Jamal’s Uncle Yahya, says the audience will find the film a ‘real eye-opener’.
“By making this film, we are holding up a mirror to show what others go through; the audience will see the brainwashing involved and all the complexities,” he said.
“There are definitely lots of local families that have gone through this and will find it highly relatable; it’s well worth seeing.”