Dining Out

Try world’s most traditional sweet

Loukoumades Greek Street,
481 King Georges Road, Beverly Hills.
PH: 8328 0469.

THE poet Callimachus mentions that one of the earliest prizes awarded to the winners of the ancient Olympic Games, were what is commonly translated as ‘honey tokens’ -essentially fried balls of dough covered in honey.
Callimachus’ reference to these ‘honey tokens’ is the earliest mention of any kind of pastry in European literature.
Today, the ‘honey tokens’ of Callimachus are known as ‘Loukoumades’ and a modern craze in Sydney which shows no sign of slowing, with the newest addition to Sydney’s doughnut scene a welcome relief for those craving that warm, fresh, sweet goodness.
A dessert shop offering traditional and Greek inspired products, Loukoumades Greek Street creates these little bites of heaven from scratch!
Based on ancient family recipes, these bite-sized, fluffy, sweet honey puffs (the Greek version of donuts) are deep fried to golden and crispy perfection.
Some of the flavours include sweet cheese with pistachio; biskoto with milk and white chocolate, biscuit and vanilla gelato; nutella with strawberries; chocolate (milk and white); white dream with white chocolate, almonds and strawberries; salted caramel; and fistiki with peanut butter and honeycomb.

There are also waffles wrapped within a crepe and featuring a variety of delicious toppings.
Loukoumades Greek Street eatery includes a full coffee suite, including all the Greek favourites, and yummy milkshakes and sundaes plus much more.
The perfect pitstop for an intimate catch-up with friends or a family celebration, the eatery is open Tuesday to Thursday, 6pm to 10pm, and Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 6pm to 11pm.
Drop in and enjoy the friendly, casual vibe and sample the world’s most famous dessert.