Tree warriors can learn to dance like animal for Jam

HOW would your child like to learn how to transform into a tree warrior, then learn the dance movements of different animals and be part of ‘Jungle Jam’ at Bankstown Arts Centre in August?

Children, aged six to 12 years, can firstly join artist Sally Reinhardt at the ‘Tree Warrior Workshop’ and make their very own tree warrior pendants, armlets and headbands using found tree bark, vines, leaves and gumnuts.
“It’s so good for children to learn about how important trees are in our lives and then they are more likely to take care of them in the future,” Sally said.
“Let us help teach your child how to be a tree warrior.”
Cost is $5 and it’s on offer this Saturday, August 6, 10.30am-12noon.
They can next explore the jungles of Southern India in a unique, movement-based adventure, ‘Indian Jungle Safari’, with puppets, masks and music used to spark creativity and to craft an Indian safari-inspired group dance.
They’ll also learn to dance like a peacock or a leopard at this fun workshop.
Safari facilitator Shyamla Eswaran works with children, refugees and people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.
“I am committed to supporting independent artists and making dance more safe, accessible, diverse and inclusive,” she said.
Cost is also $5 and it’s on Saturday, August 13, 11am-noon.
All participants will then be invited to return for the ‘Jungle Jam’ on Saturday, August 20, with a refresher class on before the parade.