Transform garden into eco paradise tips

BEES, butterflies and birds – every garden should have them since they provide a range of environmental benefits including pollination and natural pest control.

Indicators of a healthy ecosystem, bees and butterflies play a crucial role in pollinating plants including food crops, veggies and fruit trees.
Offering tips to help you create a mini forest in your backyard through choosing a variety of plants, Sustainable Gardening Australia’s Learning and Training Manager Teresa Day will present a free ‘Wildlife Gardening’ webinar at the end of this month.
She says garden design is vital if you want to attract the desired ‘hierarchy of consumers’.
“Great, vast lawns don’t work as all creatures need food, shelter, water and nesting sites and it’s all about the flowers and different sized bushes,” she said.
“Planting lavender, borage (also known as starflower), daisy-like flowers and small flowers like from parsley, is a great start.
“Insects and birds like to have access to different foods so having flowers that bloom at different times of the year is also important.”
Teresa said that apart from the satisfaction of creating a biodiverse, sustainable garden, it was very relaxing watching the world at work in your garden.
“We will be talking about the ways to make the most of your garden above the soil but of course, below the soil is whole, other universe that’s just as fascinating and important.”
To find out more, book for the free webinar on Monday, January 31, 7-8pm, at