‘Tough yet delicate’ artwork to inspire

A NEW thought-provoking exhibition at Chrissie Cotter Gallery will capture your imagination as it explores “weeds and self-seeded plants in urban settings”.

The exhibition, ‘Wild Weeds’, is “inspired by the notion that urban weeds might suggest a reminder of wild places, thoughts and possibilities, creating small dialogues between the natural and man-made world,” according to the artist Sally Mowbray.
“The subject matter ‘Wild Weeds’ suggests plant forms outside of tamed and controlled gardens, a reminder of wild places, thoughts and possibilities within our urban surrounds.
“Weeds grow where they can, out of necessity, there being no other option. I found a parallel in that at times in my work and particularly liked working with some new forms proposed by the tangled organic shapes.
“The things I was particularly interested in noting were the way weeds are often isolated, growing from a crack where concrete joins a wall … I like their toughness combined with delicacy and the sense of resilience I think they represent.”
The exhibition runs until Sunday, July 5.