Toastmasters zoom in with surprise silver lining

THERE won’t be any cake sharing or face to face celebratory speeches at the 400th meeting of Petersham Toastmasters this Thursday but you are still invited to attend.

Like most other community groups, Toastmasters had to adapt to an electronic meeting format due to Covid which has provided some unexpected upsides to its members.
“Toastmasters members across the globe and many, including myself, have sorely missed the face to face contact we have had in our regular meetings,” says Steven Tuften, long time member of Petersham Toastmasters.
“But I do feel that there is a silver lining for members.
“Job interviews are mostly online now and most people are remotely working so being able to run a meeting, communicate an idea or collaborate with colleagues requires us to use video conferencing.
“Joining a toastmasters club that meets via video lets you develop and practise those skills you’ll need to land that next job, retain your existing role or to even get a promotion.”
Petersham Toastmasters first female president, Daisy Dang, says the club has adapted to Zoom very efficiently.
“Since I joined Toastmasters, my manager has given me very positive feedback on how confident and professional I am when leading team members,” she said.
“Online meetings require a different set of skills compared with face-to-face.
“I’ve received a lot of feedback at Petersham Toastmasters on how to be well-presented and productive while online and I have applied these skills in my work.”
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