Tips to bolster your resilience via gardening

WE all know you should eat your veggies, but did you know growing them could be good for your mental health as well?
Coinciding with Mental Health Month, the City of Canterbury Bankstown along with gardening guru, Toni Salter, will be showing the community how to create garden spaces of all shapes and sizes to help reduce stress and anxiety.
Toni, known as ‘The Veggie Lady’, said she found a safe place in her garden when she first started to grow veggies 25 years ago.
“When the children were young, it provided a bit of sanity for me,” she said.
“I had a baby and a toddler. I was feeling overwhelmed from the motherhood experience and gardening let me get away without being away.”
Toni said after experiencing the therapeutic effects of gardening first-hand, she discovered she could help others through mindfulness in the garden.
“About 10 years ago, I did a gardening program with a disability group and from that point, I could see a real need for therapeutic horticulture and pursued additional study,” she said.
“You can plant 20 plants or just pot up one thoughtfully; it’s all about enjoying the process and approaching it mindfully.”
Toni will be sharing her tips and tricks in a webinar that will identify which plants to grow for better health, how to garden for stress relief, how to be mindful and what activities build mental resilience.
With more people starting to garden for the first time, her advice is to start small, and for those who don’t have a garden, try picking up a house plant.
“Start with herbs and as you increase your knowledge, then you can expand,” she said.
The free webinar, ‘Build Resilience Through Gardening’, will be on Sunday, October 11, 10-11.30am. Limited spots available, register at Eventbrite or