Time’s running out to make vote count

WITH only days remaining until Election Day, the Australian Electoral Commission has again urged voters to vote in-person this Saturday if possible, with the number of postal votes expected to slow the decision-making process.

However, Electoral Commissioner Tom Rogers said there have already been 2.5 million postal vote applications have been received.
“There is a sting in the tail with so many postal vote applications this election, and that is the count,” he said.
“We simply cannot count postal votes on election night – we’re already at the limits of our staffing capacity, and work health and safety responsibilities, with the count of election day and pre-poll votes.
“If it’s a close result in individual seats, or overall in the House of Representatives, this level of postal votes makes an election night indication of who forms government less likely.”
The candidates are:
Blaxland: Adam Stepanoff, Pauline Hanson’s One Nation; Oz Guney, Liberal; Linda Eisler, The Greens; Jason Clare, Labor; and Elvis Sinosic, United Australia.
Watson: Sazeda Akter, Liberal; John Koukoulis, United Australia Party; Tony Burke, Labor; Alan Jorgensen, Pauline Hanson’s One Nation; and Bradley Schott, The Greens.
Banks: David Coleman, Liberal; Elouise Ivy Cocker, Liberal Democrat; Marike Momircevski, United Australia Party; Natalie Hanna, The Greens; Steve Khouw, non-affiliated; Malcolm Phillip Heffernan, Pauline Hanson’s One Nation; and Zhi Soon, Labor.
Barton: Linda Burney, Labor; Dimitri Honos, United Australia Party; Taylor Vandijk, The Greens; John Goody, Liberal; and Phillip Pollard, Pauline Hanson’s One Nation.