TikTok feeding burger hunger

AMBITIOUS Punchbowl grill master, Ali Chebbani, 20, has seen his culinary dreams skyrocket as his business grows exponentially despite the challenges he faced due to lockdown.

With over 262.3K followers on TikTok (@onlychebbo), the third-year Bachelor of Accounting student has pinned the recent success of his burger business, Chebbo’s Burgers, to the growth he’s seen on his profile and fan base.
Ali is one of Australia’s well-renowned TikTok content creators that has leveraged the platform during his time in lockdown to share his food passion in making burgers, creating new recipes and disclosing his culinary secrets.
Before Covid-19, he would organise an occasional pop up stand at local markets which he then shifted to food delivery/takeaway from his own home through Instagram via the Doordash App.
However his TikTok videos have reached an even wider local audience and orders for Chebbo’s Burgers have increased by 90 per cent.
“It’s been a wild ride and I’ve been loving every minute of it,” Ali told Torch.
“I love eating and making food and I love challenging myself.
“Thanks to help from family and friends I’ve been coping with the demand and am presently operating from a food truck in a carpark at 85-89 Chapel Road, Roselands, every Saturday and Sunday and have been getting about 500 burger orders a day.”
So what’s the secret to making a delicious burger?
“I think it all comes down to ensuring that everything on the burger is high quality and at its freshest, and then you can’t go wrong,” Ali said.
Due to this success, Ali is also exploring other ways to continue building the Chebbo’s Burgers empire through food trucks, interstate pop ups and branded merchandise.