Teachers growing ‘mo to boost men’s health

SETTING a fantastic example for their students now and into the future, Georges River Grammar (GRG) teachers are looking a bit hairier than usual in their attempts to grow a ‘Mo as part of Movember.

Men are three times more likely to die from suicide and more men die of prostate cancer than women do of breast cancer, but prostate cancer receives much less funding.
Raising funds and awareness to contribute to the fight against prostate cancer, testicular cancer and poor mental health, Movember is also about encouraging men to share their fears, have regular GP check-ups and reach out when they need support.
One of the organisers, Andrew Liddell, said this was the first year they had taken part and were considering succumbing to student ‘barbers’ at the end of the awareness and fundraising campaign.
“The students are really excited and interested to learn why we are taking part,” he said.
“We are collecting sponsors and donations plus will run a few raffles as we want to raise as much money as we can to help.
“We think it’s important to promote healthier lifestyles; it’s our way of contributing to the conversation and saying, you are not alone.”