Dining Out

Taste Nepal’s best while enjoying club

WHOLESOME, filling and extremely tasty, Nepalese food is regarded as among the top of the world’s greatest cuisines and now Club Auburn members and visitors can get a taste of what all the fuss is about.

Opening its doors last week for breakfast, lunch and dinner from Thursday to Sunday, Nepalese Cafe & Restaurant has been feeding an excited stream of customers keen to enjoy a mouthwatering momo dumpling or sample a buffalo chow mein dish for the first time.
In further great news for hungry trekkers, most dishes only cost around $10 with breakfast rolls just $7.
Looking to expand the menu and days of operation in the near future, restaurant chef and owner Bijay Shakya trained in the culinary arts in Nepal and has worked in restaurants in Australia for over 15 years.
“We are offering homemade fresh pastries, donuts, Nepalese cream rolls, bacon and egg rolls, haloumi rolls, piping hot coffee and Nepalese tea for breakfast while the lunch menu includes gourmet sandwiches, burger and hot dog combos, delicious rice curries, prawn linguine and Nepalese chow mein with stir fried noodles,” he said.
Traditional Nepalese street food is the star of the dinner menu.
Along with the much-loved momos with a sweet or spicy dipping sauce, crispy samosas and Kachori with filled with marsala spices, onion, garlic and dhal among many other dishes, Bijay says the dishes on offer are typically what he would enjoy when entertaining family and friends.
“All of our meals are prepared fresh daily using high quality ingredients and are affordably priced,” he said.
“We invite all to come along and sample the best of Nepal without having to leave Auburn.”

Nepalese Cafe &
Restaurant, Club Auburn,
12 Northumberland Road,
Auburn. Ph: 9646 3988.