Dining Out

Take seat, enjoy world fave again

WITH delicious fried Lahori fish, hot and spicy barramundi and crispy marinated chicken the stars of the spring menu, Student Biryani is looking forward to welcoming back hundreds of their diners from next week.

Though ramping up their takeaway service, business has been down by half due to the lockdowns, according to Restaurant Manager Muhammad Naveed.
“We’ve been doing it tough along with everyone else but are thrilled to welcome back all customers who will be returning to work and study,” he said.
Extremely popular in the ethnic food markets in Pakistan for over 50 years, the all halal Student Biryani is now a sumptuous international cuisine enjoyed by millions across the world.
Along with their signature student biryani rice dish which features lamb or chicken, offerings include chicken karahi, a spicy and succulent curry dish; haleem chicken or beef, a thick lentil and meat stew flavoured with herbs and spices; and beef nehari, a slow-cooked stew of bone marrow and beef.
Vegetarians have plenty of tasty choices too such as Kardhi pakora, chickpea balls cooked with yogurt and special spices or vegetable biryani made with fresh mixed vegetables and basmati rice cooked with traditional hot spices, garlic, ginger, tomatoes and yogurt in Pakistani style.
There is also a tempting range of side dishes, naan breads and desserts, as well as refreshing plain, strawberry or mango lassi drinks.
Sweets include a choice of traditional desserts including kheer, gajar halwa, zarda, jalebi, gulab jaman and shahi khulfi.
Student Biryani Auburn is open Monday to Friday, 11am-11pm, and on weekends for breakfast from 9am to 11pm, while Student Biryani Surry Hills is open at Unit 2, 462-464 Cleveland Street from Monday to Sunday, 12pm to 11pm.

Student Biryani,
42 Auburn Road,

Ph: 0423 586 076.