Support for HSC students

WITH the announcement that learning from home would be extended by two weeks, the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) is reassuring HSC students that arrangements are in place to ensure no student is disadvantaged.

NESA CEO Paul Martin says NESA is supporting HSC students and schools as Covid impacts on NSW.
“Right now, our attention is on plans for the HSC oral language exams on July 31 and dance exams which are due to start on August 2; we will issue further advice about these exams mid next week,” he said.
“At this stage, we are planning for the drama, music and written exams and the marking of major works and projects to go ahead on schedule in a Covid-safe way.
“I want to say categorically that students will have the opportunity to receive the HSC this year.
“Students should continue to focus on their studies and prioritise looking after their wellbeing.”
Present advice for HSC students includes: Your school will advise you about arrangements for trial HSC exams; you are able to access school to prepare for the HSC where you cannot do so from home, including to use specialist equipment; you must follow Covid safe practices at school including wearing a mask; and a Covid illness/misadventure process is available for students whose ability to work on their major project or performance has been significantly impacted.
For more info, teachers, students and parents can contact the support team on 1300 138 323 or email