Support farmers at paradise for foodie

SHOPPERS get to enjoy fresh, quality and affordable produce when buying at a market as farmers continue to feed our growing appetite for food grown close to home.

Essential on the food lover’s weekend calendar, The Foodies & Farmers Market is on offer in Peakhurst every Saturday, 8am-1pm, and the last Friday of the month, 4-9pm, and has become a social event with lots of opportunity for interaction between the farmers and their customers.
The Farmers’ Market is a great place to taste new products, ask questions about produce and gain knowledge about how the food was grown and where it came from.
“Now is the ideal time to support our farmers and small business operators post-Covid,” Director of the Foodies & Farmers Markets, Christina Chakos said.
“By shopping at your local farmers market, you will eat seasonally and increase your overall health.
“Supermarkets offer a large variety of food which is picked before it has ripened decreasing its vitality and nutrients.”
Farmers are great resources for recipes so make sure you have a chat with the cherry farmer while enjoying some of his Bluebird Brand beauties.
Or the French pastry chef from Brickfields Bakery, who will be offering an amazing assortment of breads, such as charcoal and turmeric for the health conscious.
His slices of jam crostata, mini Persian love cakes and croissants are also to die for and not available in supermarkets.
There’s Rita’s Farm Produce, with staff on-hand to give advice about seasonal planting and how they get the most flavour out of their herbs and veg.
The C & D Camilleri team will feature strawberries, mulberries, garlic, broad beans, snow peas, cherry tomatoes and round marrow.
There’s also some amazing desserts to sample plus all the regular favourites including organic meats, poultry, veg and fruits in every colour of the rainbow.

The Foodies &  Farmers Market,
Our Lady Of Fatima
Catholic Church,
Corner of Forest Road and Isaac Street, Peakhurst