Supermarket supply chain shortage ramping up business for local shops

IT’S usually a quiet time of the year for smaller supermarkets, fruit shops, butchers and chemists but this year they are busier than ever thanks to large supermarket supply chains being crippled by the sheer number of transport, distribution and shop workers now sick or required to isolate.

Enjoying the extra trade, Fruitopia in Bass Hill is a hive of activity.
“We have loads of customers,” a spokesperson said.
“I go to the markets everyday so we have no issues.”
Om Sri Store in Campsie, is also enjoying a surge in popularity.
“We are very happy with our number of customers and rarely run out of items since we grow most of the fruits and vegetables ourselves,” a spokesperson said.
Bankstown’s Chapel Road Market workers are busy too, along with Belmore Mixed Market and Four Seasons in Revesby.

Adding to the woe is the response of shoppers to shortages or the expectation of shortages – products disappear from shelves and people buy more in response.
Large fast food outlets are reducing their chicken offerings as concerns about meat supply chains loom but local butchers are still going strong.
YCC Poultry in Bankstown has a full chicken product range and is enjoying such a boom they are no longer accepting new wholesale clients.
“We have a very strong retail side too and invite all to come in and stock up,” a spokesperson said.
It’s the same with Ivans Butchery in Chester Hill and Richards Meats at Revesby with no supply issues and extra customers to enjoy.
No so for some local pharmacies who certainly have extra customers but are run off their feet battling to keep their medication product shelves full, with Terry White Pharmacy and Cincotta Revesby both awaiting the arrival of the highly sought Rapid Antigen Testing kits.
“We expect our orders to be arriving soon,” a Terry White spokesperson said.