Sunnyfield offers getaway for those with disabilities

PROVIDING a much-needed getaway for individuals, Sunnyfield Disability Services has just launched a new short term accommodation service at 61 Juno Parade in Greenacre.

This newly renovated and fully accessible, eight-bedroom home has two bedrooms dedicated to supporting people with high physical needs, a large kitchen, outdoor entertaining space with a barbecue, games room and a van to explore the local community and go on weekend adventures.
“Short term accommodations provide a safe and inclusive space for people with disability of all ages to have a short stay when they need a break from the everyday as well as helping to build independence,” a spokesperson said.
“It can be anything from an overnight stay to a weekend getaway or holiday, and it provides families and carers some time to relax and rejuvenate.”
First short-term visitor Matilda said: “It’s amazing! I love everything about the new house.”
Sunnyfield started as a family-built organisation 70 years ago thanks to Hazel Whiddon, a determined mother who wanted a better future for her son.
She put an ad in a local paper and discovered 18 other parents who all wanted to make a change for their children with disability.
Together they built Sunnyfield into what it is today.
“Sunnyfield has become like a second family for many clients, customers, and staff over the years and we’re hoping it will be the same for families in Greenacre,” the spokesperson said.
For more info, call 1300 588 688 or visit