Subsidised care available to stay in own home longer

THE starting point on your aged care journey, My Aged Care provides information on what services are available, how much they will cost you and how you go about getting assessed for your needs.

The first stage is to find out if you are eligible for subsidised aged care. This involves a two-part assessment process to determine your needs and what services could help.
It starts with a simple eligibility check which you can do online or over the phone followed by an in-person assessment.
The cost of aged care services varies from person to person. It depends on the care you are eligible for, the aged care provider you choose, and your financial situation.
While the Federal Government may contribute to the cost of your care, you will also be asked to contribute if you can afford to.
Each aged care provider delivers their services differently and charges different costs. So it’s important to look around and compare providers before deciding who to get your services from.
There are three main things to consider: Do the services meet my needs? Will they provide a good standard of care? What will I need to pay?
Commonwealth Home Support Program services depend on the availability of providers in your area, while the wait time for approved Home Care Packages can be more than 12 months.
For aged care homes, it depends on the waitlist for a room at your preferred home.
To start your journey and find out more, call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 or visit