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Styling can make all the difference

WHEN selling your home in winter, there are ways of showcasing it to create an impact.

Even though the days are a little darker and gloomier at this time of the year, there’s no reason your home needs to be.
There are ways to create a happy and uplifting feeling throughout the property.
Adding splashes of colour with bright accent cushions and cleverly positioned lamp lighting can make rooms feel warm and inviting, while fresh baked cookies or cakes will fill the house with a wonderful aroma and give your sales agent something to nibble on during open inspections. (We’re quite partial to choc chip by the way).
Of course, with spring only a matter of weeks away, now is a good time to spruce things up a bit. This can be as simple as updating some of the soft furnishings like rugs and curtains, or – if the budget allows – go all out and freshen the place up with new paint, light fittings or carpet.
When selling, you can always organise someone to come in and completely style the property and we have access to a great team of home interior specialists who can give your home a new look and showcase it in the best possible light.
We have access to a great team of interior stylists, and we can’t recommend them highly enough. Often the real difference is in the price! It’s amazing just how much the way your home is presented can affect the result.
The market is still hot, properties are moving, and as we head towards the year’s traditional “selling frenzy”, it’s time to take stock, prepare to meet the buyers and potentially welcome the new owner of your home.
Whether you’re buying or selling, talk to us here at Day & Hodgson and we’ll help you take the next step.