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Students design jersey for ‘Indigenous Round’

A SOURCE of life for their ancestors, the Cooks River is still inspiring and impacting generations thousands of years later, with a group of local Indigenous schoolgirls invited to design the 2020 Indigenous Jersey for the Bulldogs to be worn in the NRL Indigenous Round this weekend.

Encouraged to learn more about their culture during the process, the Bethlehem College Ashfield students comprised: Jenaya Brooks (Wiradjuri); Aleyah Joseph (Dharug); Darci Simpson-Carr (Wiradjuri and Dunghutti); Justise Patten (Bundjalung and Wiradjuri); Toni-Lee Hunt (Worimi); Shakaya Lintmeijer (Wiradjuri); and Taryn Little (Wiradjuri).
With the design featuring traditional artwork, players, community members and the designers themselves are represented as Suns on the Jersey arranged around a meeting place – in this instance, the Bulldogs’ match against the Eels on Sunday.
Also included on the Jersey are totem animals of the local area and of course, the Cooks River which has long enabled many tribes to come together.
Tedbury, son of famous Indigenous freedom fighter, Pemulway, is represented and is traditionally the spirit warrior for players.
One of the designers, Aleya, said: “This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for us, a group of young Aboriginal women; thank you to the Bulldogs.”
Caitlyn said: “It was a great continuation of my culture and helped me understand more about my identity.”
Bulldogs CEO Andrew Hill said: “This unique jersey holds a special place for everyone at Belmore and the players running out against the Eels will know they’re wearing a jersey that connects them to the rich Indigenous history within our game.”