Student fundraising boost

THEY raised $10,000 earlier this year to build a library for a school in India but when the floods hit and they learned Lismore South Public lost its library a couple of months ago, students from St Euphemia College in Bankstown decided to step up again.

They are well on their way to filling their next shipping container of library resources ready to send up north after receiving a $5,000 donation from Padstow McDonalds.
One of the teachers involved, Matthew Panayotopoulos, said their ‘Changemakers Project’ was aimed at empowering students to see problems and respond with empathy and action, raising funds through lemonade stands, bake stalls, sausage sizzles, crazy hair days and writing to businesses to get donations.
“When Mina and Tony Favotta, Padstow McDonalds franchisees, saw our 20ft shipping container in the playground, they were inspired to help and we are so grateful and excited to receive their funding,” he said.
“When that container appears in Lismore and is transformed into an ‘outdoor library’, the people of Lismore will learn one thing – that even though they were going through a very hard time, there was a group of children on the other side of the State who knew what was happening and wanted to help.”
Other businesses, clubs and groups keen to help, should contact the school on 9796 8240 to find out more about their business sponsorship package.