St John volunteers’ award for saving life

ST JOHN Ambulance Granville volunteer Taylor-Renee Cocker vividly recalls the day in April when she was called to the collapse of an elderly man at a Giants game at Sydney Olympic Park.

Working as a St John bicycle responder at the game, she arrived on scene with her partner Simone Bland within only a minute of the call and confirmed the elderly patient was in cardiac arrest.
“When you first get called to an incident such as this, you do feel your heart rate go up,” she said.
“You know time is important, you need to get to the patient quickly. You are very focussed on the incident and what you need to do.”
Bystanders and Sydney Olympic Park staff had already swung into action and commenced CPR and during the resuscitation, Taylor worked with them to provide airway management, CPR and to deliver several shocks using a defibrillator to correct an abnormal heart rhythm.
She says St John ambulance responders never truly know what they are likely to encounter on any given day.
“St John has provided me with great training opportunities and the confidence to manage situations like this,” she said.
“I am grateful I can help people when they need help most.”
The Cumberland resident was awarded the St John (NSW) Save-a-Life award by NSW Governor Margaret Beazley last month at a formal reception in the Sydney University Great Hall.
Her advice for members of the public who may encounter a similar situation, is enrol in a St John First Aid course to “be prepared for the unexpected”.
“Anyone can learn CPR and save a life,” she said.
Volunteer organisation St John Ambulance Granville meets weekly and attends events across Cumberland.
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