Special HSC year to build resilience

GOOD luck to the 60,000 students who are on track to receive their HSC this year.

Education Minister Sarah Mitchell said the final year of school was not what the Class of 2020 had in mind, “yet the resilience of HSC students in the face of uncertainty has been extraordinary, and I am incredibly proud of what this cohort has achieved”.
A snapshot of the HSC enrolments has shown that of the 2020 HSC students, 49,825 live in metro NSW, with another 26,135 living in regional and remote areas.
This year 39,410 young women and 36,900 young men are studying at least one HSC course and of those, there are 879 sets of twins and 23 sets of triplets.
Japanese remains the most popular language while Chinese in Context increased by 29 per cent from 2019, while the new mathematics extension two course has seen an eight per cent growth since its introduction in 2019.
Premier Gladys Berejiklian has recorded a message for Year 12 students preparing for HSC exams.
Ms Berejiklian said the class of 2020 were “indeed a special year”.
“Every time I hear or think about the HSC exams, I think about my own experiences,” the Premier, who completed her HSC more than 30 years ago, said.
“I was anxious, I was stressed, I wanted to do well, but I now know looking back, I put too much pressure on myself.
“I know many of you will now be in that same situation but living through Covid-19 and the challenges you’ve been through, has made you more resilient.
“I hope all of you know how special you are and how much we appreciate what you’re all going through.”
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