50s Lifestyle

Sowing seeds of success

SOWING seeds of success, Georges Manor is fortunate to have an inspiring gardener on hand who works with the residents of the aged care facility at Georges Hall, with all enjoying the involvement regardless of their previous experience.

Eager to share National Tree Day this year, Advantaged Care’s gardener Darrin helped centenarian Rose Graf, a resident of Georges Manor, with planting succulents which had been offered by her son.
“Utilising the many years of horticultural experience of some of our ‘green thumb’ residents, Darrin is always busy rejuvenating the flower beds and herb gardens,” Advantaged Care’s Carmel Cohen said.
“The residents have worked with Darrin on numerous projects, including floral displays and a veggie section. Growing lettuces and all kinds of herbs, the residents get involved with planting, watering and finally harvesting the fruits of their labour which are then presented to the appreciative in-house Chef.”
The home’s Lifestyle co-ordinators explained the many health and therapeutic benefits of gardening for seniors, including increasing flexibility and encouraging the use of motor skills. More importantly, gardening reduces stress and promotes relaxation as well as providing an opportunity for social interaction.