Real Estate

Softer hues reflect calmer life desire

HAZELNUT, lilac grey, dark greens and muted pastels are just some of the colours being used this spring.

Designers are now taking a calmer approach when decorating homes.
No more of those days where bright red and a garish yellow were the hot colours of the season. I guess this is due to us all trying to live a slower paced life at home compared with all our busy schedules in our work lives.
We have also noticed in a lot of design books that cupboard doors seem to have disappeared and everything that is in your cupboards is on full display now so make sure you keep it all neat and tidy for those open homes.
We still suggest to clients to not decorate your house to within an inch of its life and still have those family photos and your own personal touches displayed as we like selling homes and not a “designed, magazine ready” house.
We find that this sometimes distracts buyers from the actual product we are selling and that a house with a lifestyle will appeal to the masses.
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