Slams PM over late lockdown, lack of vaccines

THE State and Federal governments have been slammed over their handling of the latest Covid-19 outbreak and the lack of vaccines.

Federal MP for Blaxland, Jason Clare, says the next few weeks are going to be really hard for a lot of people not allowed to go work – under the latest restrictions – and many will struggle to pay the bills.
He said people were angry and frustrated, but it didn’t have to be this way if those governments did their job.
“The people of western Sydney did not cause this mess, it’s happening because the State Government took too long to lock down Sydney and the Federal Government failed on the vaccine rollout,” he said.
“If they locked down sooner and stopped it in Bondi, people in Canterbury Bankstown, Liverpool and Fairfield would not be suffering.”
He also condemned a protest in Paul Keating Park in Bankstown last Saturday, where eight people were issued infringement notices after they allegedly refused to leave the area.
A 57-year-old man was also charged with fail to comply requirement public health order, not comply with direction given by police officer, and custody of a knife in public place.
Mr Clare said he understood people’s frustrations but people must follow the health directions and listen to police, “it’s the only way out of this health nightmare”.
He also said Prime Minister Scott Morrison “stuffed up” the vaccine rollout.
“The Government has taken too long to buy enough vaccines to stop the virus running wild,” he said.
“We’re all paying the price for Scott Morrison’s incompetence.”