Sick of waiting game

CHOMPING at the bit to get back on the green, bowlers are annoyed that golfers have been able to swing out for recreational purposes during the lockdown while they have not.

Picnic Point Men’s Bowling Club President Steve Finnerty says many members are upset bowlers have not been given the same opportunity as golf and tennis.
“I’m on the zone committee and have been pushing hard for change as we believe two people should be able to enjoy a game of bowls together,” he said.
He and wife Sue are among the 120-member strong club who catch up a few times a week for competition as well as social bowls.
“Bowls clubs are a bit like men’s sheds and perfect for people to get out of the house and do something active and social, especially if you live on your own,” he said.
“We know it’s been tough on a lot of people as this is our 14th week off the green; our welfare officer has been keeping in touch with everyone and trying to keep our spirits high.
“I’ve been walking to keep in condition but we hope to be back playing by the end of October.”
Likewise Revesby Workers’ Men’s Bowling Club President Denis Gallant and wife Lyn who is the Ladies Club Treasurer, say they are sick of playing the waiting game and want the same freedoms as golf.
“Bowls NSW is working with the NSW Government at the moment to see what can be done,” Denis said.
“But in the meantime, we have been keeping in touch with all the members and sadly have lost a few.
“Some people are certainly struggling as they’ve missed their bowls so much; we’ve also got new furniture to go out on the green and a catering manager started just six weeks before the lockdown so we’re looking forward to that too.”