Share secret to success on ‘65th wedding anniversary’

AS a 20-year-old newlywed, Doris Dare was struggling but her mother told her, ‘you made your bed so now you’ve got to lie in it’, and 65 years later, she is so pleased she did.

After marrying at St Clements, Marrickville, on October 13, 1965, Doris and Frank, then 24, bought a ‘spec’ home in Punchbowl with no floor coverings, blinds or even light fittings.
“But we’ve made it into a real home, raising our children Christine, Sharon and Graham (sadly deceased after a road accident at 18), four grandchildren and two great grand children,” Doris said.
“We wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.”
Members of local clubs including Revesby Workers’, Bankstown Sports and Club Rivers, the housewife and former motor mechanic enjoy playing carpet bowls in Revesby and say they are grateful to all of their multicultural neighbours who have been keeping any eye on them during the lockdown.
“We’re so glad we chose to live here all those years ago, we wouldn’t move for all the tea in China,” Doris said.
Saying that young couples today want too much, too soon, she said: “We set up our house gradually in order to avoid debt and I think that way, you appreciate everything a lot more.
“When you start out together it’s important not to expect too much but if you’re compatible, that’s a great start, just persevere.”
Frank said: “If you have a problem, suck it up and get on with it.”
The Dares will have a quiet 65th anniversary celebration at home today and are looking forward to catching up with all the family when it’s safe to do so.