Set to leave classroom after ‘four decades of dedication’

FROM chalk to electronic whiteboards, Dianne Hunt admits with a laugh that classrooms have changed a great deal over the past four decades.

At the end of this term, Mrs Hunt will retire from Regents Park’s St Peter Chanel Catholic Primary School after 44 years of teaching.
Arriving at the school four years after getting her qualification, she says she will miss it, especially the children, but adds that she is looking forward to retirement.
“I love teaching but my body’s telling me it’s time,” she said.
“I will miss the children, they are just so happy sometimes and I love the challenge of trying new things with them.
“I always wanted to be a teacher. I even used to play teachers when I was little. I didn’t get into teachers college the first time so I had to think of something else to do.
“Luckily I got in on my second try.”
Describing how much technology has changed the teaching environment, she says even classrooms have gone from “wall to wall tables” to giving students more freedom to move from space to space.
“The world has also really opened up,” she said.
“You used to be a teacher in your own little classroom but now you can get ideas from all over the world.
“Kids have also changed over the years and the pressure on teachers has also increased.
“Children used to want to do well and impress their parents whereas today, a good percentage of them don’t see the need to strive for things as much.
“They’ve grown up with that instant culture.”