Secret to study success

WHEN your child is going through the HSC, it can feel like you too are going through it too.

Good nutrition, positive thinking, plenty of sleep

Homework and study demands increase once a student starts Year 11, as does an expectation they will become a more independent learner.
This occurs about the same time they might: Lose interest in school; get their driver’s licence; have a part-time job; increase their social activities; and not know what they want to do after the HSC.
If your child is experiencing any serious issues, contact your school counselling service.
Like a marathon, students should start preparing their bodies for the HSC early. Although many students understand the need for regular study (but not all of them do anything about it), a lot don’t realise their physical and mental health are just as important. Good nutrition can improve endurance, alertness and concentration.
Some things you can do to help your teen get through the HSC include encouraging:
A healthy diet – plenty of protein and complex carbohydrates, fruits and vegetables; drinking lots of water; cutting down on caffeine – if they must have a coffee, limit it to one and not after midday; plenty of sleep – teens don’t realise how much sleep they need, at least eight to 10 hours is recommended; being positive about how they will do in the exam; and exercise plus time to switch off and relax each day.
Be realistic in your expectations as to where the HSC leads. Not all HSC students will go on to university – but they can still have a wealth of excellent and satisfying career options.