Schools win state awards over Covid response

TWO outstanding Cumberland schools and an inspiring principal, teacher and student have been recognised in the 2020 NSW Minister’s and Secretary’s Awards for Excellence.

Winning the Secretary’s Award for an Outstanding School Initiative, Auburn North Public was commended for its Covid-19 Blended Approach to Flexible Learning project.
Principal Mark Harris said the school has won awards for different things in the past but the way the school community responded during Covid was nothing short of amazing – and others thought so too.
“We had visits from the Education Department to video our teachers’ strategies which ended up going statewide to other schools so they could model our success,” Mr Harris said.
“The project’s perfect blend of printed and app-based learning, and innovative, multi-lingual communication strategies ensured all students remained connected to their teachers.”
Guildford Public School Principal Christopher Haberecht won a Secretary’s Award for Excellent Service and says the award win says a lot about the school community.
“I am incredibly lucky to be leading such a dynamic group of teachers and a diverse group of students and parents who aspire for their children to be informed, successful citizens,” he said.
“It illustrates that we are doing a great job addressing the needs of the community and making a difference.
“The win is also brilliant since it demonstrates to parents that there’s no need to spend private school fees when their children can excel at the award-winning local public school.”
Meanwhile, Merrylands High School teacher Zainab Bazzi won a Minister’s Award for Excellence in Teaching while one of its students, Natasha Goundar, won a Minister’s Award for Student Achievement.

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