Schools ‘solaring’ up to save money

CANTERBURY Bankstown Council has been a ray of sunshine for several schools – helping them go solar.

The council has assisted 12 schools to get funding for solar panels, as part of the Solar My School program, with another three on their way to getting solar and four putting their hand up for the program.
Mayor Khal Asfour says the forecast for schools is sunny.
“We’re one of the sunniest Cities in the world. Putting solar panels on our schools just makes sense,” he said.
“We’ve helped schools do the hard and boring stuff: what kind of panel and where you put it. The fun part is turning the panels on and saving money on the electricity bill.
“We crunch the numbers and help get them the right grant, which means it’s costing schools very little.”
The council has run Solar My School since 2019 and is part of a group of 10 Sydney councils who provide free support and guidance to schools.
Solar My School also provides teaching materials so kids can learn about their new solar panels.
“Solar panels are a great investment and we should know – 22 of our council buildings already have them,” Mayor Asfour said.
“Whether it’s for your school or home, you can look to us for advice you can trust.
“There are a lot of shonky sellers around so if you’re thinking of going solar, contact our partners at the Australian Energy Foundation and they’ll help you out with a quote.”
For more information on Solar My School, visit and for households, visit