School celebrates day with mums

MOTHERS, grandmothers and family friends (pictured) gathered at St Mel’s Catholic Primary School in Campsie on Friday for a long overdue celebration ahead of Mother’s Day.

Principal Elena Mullen said that after all felt the effects of the Covid restrictions, it was exciting to ‘gather’ again, allowing them to reinvigorate their community spirit.
“We wanted to recognise that our mothers work so hard to support and nurture their children,” she said.
“It was a privilege to celebrate Mass with them, enjoy morning tea together and present them with a small token of our appreciation for their role in their child’s life.”
Mum Heather Abdullah said: “I had tears in my eyes as it was so beautiful to see the community together spiritually and physically.
“This is why you have children so you can experience these things. Being a mother is the hardest thing you can do but it’s the most rewarding.”
Mum Reta Nasr said: “It’s an honour and a blessing to be a mother. It’s the greatest gift on earth to have children to love and raise.”