Reviving art of repair

Take class to learn tricks of trade and save on cash

GOT a broken electrical item that needs to be fixed?
The Bower’s electrical technicians can help you out and save you money while you enjoy a coffee at the upcoming free Electrical Repair Cafe at Berala Community Centre, 98 Woodburn Road, Berala, this Saturday, March 14, with the next on May 23, 10am-12pm.
Nearly every Australian household has a broken toaster, lamp, vintage fan or some electrical item that doesn’t work the way it should, if it works at all.
Don’t send it to landfill and buy a new one; learn how to fix it with the help of qualified electrical technicians.
The Bower’s technicians will take the time to explain the repair process, help you learn new skills and save your item from waste.
Bower Re-use & Repair Centre Co-op Manager Guido Verbist says most people would be surprised that in many cases with repairs, it can just be a loose wire somewhere.
“Then it is just going through a safety and deduction process to work out where the problem is,” he explained.
“We bring all the tools and materials, like safety switches, and all you have to do is to bring the broken item.”
The workshop will also teach you about the manufacturers’ tricks of the trade.
“We call it ‘planned obsolescence’,” Mr Verbist said.
“We often see items glued together because the manufacturer doesn’t want you to fix it, just to toss it away and buy a new one.
“We can also help with these challenges. Even in cases that we might not be able to help with straightaway, we can put you on the right path.
“Our Repair Cafes are very popular since they’re helping people to help the environment and save on cash.”
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