Return to full-time face-to-face teaching

Lidcombe Public principal Matt Lewis - reading to students before the covid-19 restrictions - has welcomed news that all students will return to the classroom full-time.

WHILE he would have preferred more notice, Lidcombe Public School Principal Matt Lewis has welcomed news that all students will return to the classroom full-time from this Monday, May 25.
Employing extra cleaners to ensure the school is ready, Mr Lewis said the great school community and very positive staff were keen to have everyone back.
“In some ways, next week will be easier having one system again,” he said.
“Even having the students back one day a week was a welcome return and I am sure the students will be happy to come back to learn and see their friends; school is their safe place.”
Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Education Minister Sarah Mitchell thanked school communities and parents for their patience during this difficult time.
Ms Berejiklian said a return to full-time face-to-face teaching and learning was crucial for the education progress of every child in NSW from Kindergarten to Year 12.
“Since starting a managed return to the classroom, we have seen a strong degree of confidence from our school communities in managing covid-19 and a clear desire for all students to be back at school,” she said.
“We expect schools to stick with the health advice – increased cleaning, access to hygiene supplies and compliance with hygiene practices – and look forward to seeing all students back on campus five days a week.
“The health advice is very clear; a return to full-time face to face teaching is safe.”
Over the last two weeks schools have been working hard to support students practice good hygiene and implement new routines at school, which has been successful giving the community confidence that full-time face to face teaching can resume.
Ms Mitchell said she was eager to see students back in the classroom full-time.
“Our Principals, teachers, support staff, parents and carers have gone above and beyond to continue the education of our students while we respond to this pandemic,” she said.
“Teachers will be focused on identifying where their students are at in their education and we will be supporting them to recognise and assist those students who need additional help.”