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Return to full-time face-to-face teaching

Bankstown Girls High principal Suada Bilali welcomed students, Marwa Sultani, Sawab Mlaib and Helen Tran back to school.

WITH all plans in place and the school never looking so clean, Bankstown Girls High was expecting the directive that all students would return to the classroom full-time from this Monday, May 25.

“We have hand sanitiser everywhere and with the limited return this week, it is starting to feel like a school again,” principal Suada Bilali said.
“Some staff still have concerns but we are supporting everyone as much as we can and will keep reminding students about social distancing.
“We will be so happy to have all of the girls back and will certainly have the HSC on our mind ensuring our seniors are ready.”
LaSalle Catholic College Bankstown principal Michael Egan said the staged return of students worked very well.
“Mixed media messages had led many to believe that young people were magically exempt from social distancing when they walked through the school gate, this is simply not true,” he said.
“Social distancing is required. After the initial shock of the different ‘vibe’ in the playground, I was very pleased with the level of compliance and look forward to more of the same next week.
“Concerns at the lack of distancing on public transport will need to be considered carefully, we may need to consider staggered early departures to spread people
Premier Gladys Berejiklian and Education Minister Sarah Mitchell thanked school communities and parents for their patience during this difficult time.
Ms Berejiklian said a return to full-time face to face teaching and learning was crucial for the education progress of every child in NSW from Kindergarten to Year 12.
“Since starting a managed return to the classroom, we have seen a strong degree of confidence from our school communities in managing Covid-19 and a clear desire for all students to be back at school,” she said.
“The health advice is very clear; a return to full-time face to face teaching is safe.”
Ms Mitchell said she was eager to see students back in the classroom full-time.
“Our Principals, teachers, support staff, parents and carers have gone above and beyond to continue the education of our students while we respond to this pandemic,” she said.
“Teachers will be focused on identifying where their students are at in their education and we will be supporting them to recognise and assist those students who need additional help.”