Dining Out

Restaurant popularity sees premises expand

SUCH is the popularity of I Love Manoush in Lidcombe, that owner Tarek Hoblos has had to expand his restaurant into the premises next door which he calls ‘El Beik’.

With a combined large seating area, the eateries feature beautiful street food along with the traditional shawarma as well as kebabs plus extremely rare to find dishes like kafta burgers and falafel burgers.
“I’m told our juicy camel burgers are the best in Sydney,” he said.
Customer favourites include Manoush (a very similar bread base to pizza) with meat plus cheese, feta cheese plus veggies, Sujuk plus veggies and oregano plus cheese.
Tarek added that while they did really love their manoush, the menu also featured freshly made gourmet pizza, pides, oregano rolls and desserts.
The kitchen team cooks up their own foul (ful), a traditional Arabic breakfast dish made with fava beans but which tastes good at any time.
Why not pick up a $15 lunchtime combo which includes any burger of your choice, chips and a drink.
“We also make ‘clay plate’ dishes cooked on a clay plate in the oven in a very traditional way, and no-one else is doing that in Sydney,” Tarek said.
“The most popular clay plate is Awarma with eggs, made with traditionally spiced and herbed minced meat, mixed with eggs and served with fresh home-made bread, yogurt, olives and pickles.”
Experienced in catering for parties, groups and special events, Tarek is happy to discuss the options available.
You can also find them on UberEats and Menulog.