Residents will get more of a say

NEW Cumberland Mayor Cr Lisa Lake has assured residents they will get more of a say with the council actively encouraging community participation in its decision making through open meetings, public forums, advisory committees and workshops.

Honoured and thrilled to be elected as Mayor, Cr Lake said it was also ”wonderful to see a diverse Chamber that really looked like the community this council represented”.
“This diversity brings with it a broad range of experiences and skills that I know will enhance decision-making and public confidence in this council,” she said.
“My priorities are very practical, and will ensure that this council is outwardly focused and delivering on the ground to meet the needs of our rapidly expanding population.
“The council has worked hard to develop a number of key strategies and plans to achieve this vision.”
She says that as the country battles “a terrible public health emergency which is constantly testing the effectiveness of our responses and straining our resolve”, the council will continue to work with the community in a “focussed and flexible way to eventually overcome this scourge”.
“Despite our current troubling circumstances, I do feel quite optimistic about the period that lies ahead,” she said.
Cr Kun Huang was elected as Deputy Mayor.
“Cumberland symbolises what makes Australia such a wonderful multicultural country,” he said.
“I arrived here without speaking a single word of English. My parents chose Australia because they believed it would provide the best educational opportunities for me.
“This country, a place that I am proud to call home, gave me opportunities to succeed.”