Rental owners beware of toxic parties

OWNERS of short-term rental accommodation are being urged to do their due diligence when accepting bookings following a series of public order incidents during parties across Sydney.

While many online short-term rental or homestay booking websites have banned the use of properties for parties, police across the state have been called to numerous large, loud or out-of-control events hosted at these types of rentals in recent months.
They are also reminding property owners to take extra measures to ensure their rental isn’t misused.
Assistant Commissioner Peter Thurtell appealed to owners and managers of these properties to assist in preventing unauthorised parties.
“Police are concerned about the increasing number of public disorder incidents, where homes are being seriously damaged, and the safety of attendees and the broader community is being threatened,” he said.
“Anyone who would be disrespectful enough to trash another person’s property would obviously not care about a corporation-imposed party ban, so the onus for protecting the property lies mostly with the owner.
“Build strong relationships with neighbours who can keep you notified of concerning activity.”