Red bin squad flying in to help

WITH the rubbish piling up and bins overflowing, a “flying squad” has been established to tackle the increasing Covid-19-related waste problem.

Mayor Khal Asfour says the Covid-19 restrictions mean households are generating more waste.
“You don’t need me to tell you that most of us are locked down and working from home, and believe it or not, with the restrictions comes an increase in household waste,” he said.
No eating out at pubs, clubs or restaurants, no lunching at work … surviving on home-cooked meals and takeaway – it’s all contributing to more ending up in your bin.
A City of Canterbury Bankstown spokesperson said the “red bin flying squad” would offer an extra collection service to residential dwellings who have their own individual red bin, because those households “are most in need of this service”.
The service can be booked by calling the council or through its online services, but it won’t be available to multi-residential or commercial properties.
The council’s waste team has identified that some households are jamming their bins with excess waste, to the point that bins are overflowing.
“There is a real need for us to provide more during this lockdown period,” Mayor Asfour said.
“There is no doubt this will be a challenge for our waste team to manage and there will be some rules put in place around when people will be required to book and when the pickups will occur and with resourcing limited to about 2,000 additional collections a week but for now at least, this service is another way of saying thank you to our community.”