Recycling wall to assist customers

ALMOST 90 per cent of people want to recycle – but with soft plastics going here, mobile phones going there and batteries going who knows where, it sometimes feels hard to get everything where it needs to be.

That’s why Marrickville Metro says it has launched a new concept recycling wall in conjunction with National Recycling Week.
Centre Manager Dean Young says the centre has always been focused on increasing sustainability and making environmentally sound choices and the expansion of the reusable bag wall is simply the next step in that process.
“The concept of this expansion is to create a ‘one-stop-drop’ for recyclables – a place where customers can bring all the different things that can be recycled without having to go here, there and everywhere,” he said.
The new recycle wall has designated drops for each type of recyclable item. This includes: Red Cycle collection area for soft plastics; collection point for coffee and tea capsules, including tea discs; an area specifically for beauty and health products, from shower gels, shampoo and conditioner to make-up packaging; battery recycling point including Super Heavy Duty, Lithium and Rechargeable batteries; and mobile phones collection point for mobile phones, accessories and batteries.
The wall has one other unique feature – an area where customers can borrow a reusable bag to do their shopping. Once they have finished with the bag, they simply return it to the recycling wall for other customers to use.
“The easier it is to reuse and recycle, the more we can decrease waste and increase the percentage of materials that are diverted from landfill,” Mr Young said.
“We want to promote sustainable values within our centre as well as our community, and that is the driver behind our new recycle wall.”